Michael Hadfield Michael Hadfield was born in Liverpool in the UK. He attended Plymouth Polytechnic where he studied Geography & Geology. This helped a little with his first job in Plymouth Meteorological Office, but was of no benefit whatsoever for the next 15 years he spent as a computer programmer/systems analyst in Manchester.

Michael had a brief encounter with the published word when, at the age of 11, one of his essays was selected for the school magazine. This magazine was an annual affair and was never published subsequently so that was the end of that promising career until the early '90s. It was around this time that Michael, who is a keen photographer, was looking for ways to sell photographs to publishers. He discovered that the best way was to write articles and supply the photographs as illustrations. This is a huge benefit to the publisher of a magazine because they don't have to bother looking for images. As a result of this Michael ended up as a regular contributor to the magazine Organic Gardening - for around 5 years.

Then life got in the way and writing stopped while Michael pursued a career as a clinical hypnotherapist. A major change of direction from computers, cameras, and gardens, but it allowed him to pursue his growing fascination with the mind and what it can do that it shouldn't be able to do.

Following that was the creation of hypnosis, and photography, websites which needed content writing for them. This led to a period of article writing for the web, and the realisation that a book is a much better way to pass on useful, life-changing, information.

His latest book is Change Your Life with Self Hypnosis

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