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This book explores a little of the author's journey from sceptic to believer. It also looks at some of the research that establishes the existence of invisible energies within the human body. The author has worked with clients on their chakras and, as much to his surprise as theirs, brought about rapid physical change within their bodies.

This is an easy to understand book that leads you clearly, one step at a time, to the development of the skill and knowledge needed to work with your own chakras and effect real change in your physical or emotional health.

The book is aimed at those who are interested in alternative health solutions and happy to take responsibility for the decisions they make about their own health and well being.

The chakras control the flow of subtle energy throughout the body. Life experiences can pinch off this flow in some areas, causing others to overcompensate. Too much, or too little, energy flowing through the chakras leads to physical and emotional problems - anything from a headache, to severe pain, or even life-threatening disease.

This book explains what the chakras are and how, by following seven simple steps you can take back control of your life. The author shows you three different ways to assess your chakra health and three different methods of restoring balance. After completing the exercises you will be moving towards optimal chakra functioning.

What this book will do for you Easy to achieve success

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